3 Winning Ways to Repurpose Content

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a riveting and up-to-date business blog is coming up with content ideas that your target audience will find interesting and relevant. Fortunately, after you’ve been writing content for a while, you can occasionally turn to your more successful blog posts and repurpose them as an effective way to draw more readers to your website.

Using analytics tools make it easy for you to determine which content created the most engagement amongst your audience, and this task becomes further simplified when you’re using an online marketing dashboard to review these stats. Once you make the determination as to which blog posts are drawing the largest audiences and receiving the most responses, you should repurpose this content. To not only create longevity, but to help save you some time with brainstorming new content ideas.

  1. Build a social promotion off of a successful blog post that you’ve written in the past. For example, if you operate a spa, you may have written a blog post in the past that shared some powerful statistics and health benefits for those individuals that regularly receive massages. In an effort to reward your existing fans, drive more traffic to your page, and expand your overall reach, you can repurpose this content by offering a free massage to one lucky fan that shares your content.
  2. Repurpose content by specifically catering it to a particular audience. If you tend to create more broad content that would appeal to a more wide audience, find ways to  hone in on a particular niche within your target audience and repurpose your existing content to appeal to this group.
  3. Utilize a variety of mediums to deliver your content. Blog posts are obviously not the only way to reach your audience. Consider expanding on a topic that your audience has already shown engagement in through a whitepaper or ebook.
  4. Take your online content offline. Once you’ve been creating content around a specific topic for awhile, you should have enough content to make a proper ebook or whitepaper. You can simply copy and paste your content into a powerpoint presentation, format it, and export it to a PDF.  Once you have this PDF file, you can market it and collect ‘middle of the funnel’ leads.

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