7 Secrets For Trapping Testimonials

Since consumers are skeptical, by nature, of advertising and marketing claims, it‘s tough for you to convince them that what you offer is as good as what you say. Prospects don‘t know you, so they have no reason to trust you.

But here‘s an interesting phenomenon:  even though they don‘t know them either, consumers trust other consumers and their opinions. The psychology behind this is that, unlike a sales person, a regular person has no reason to lie. That gives testimonials a tremendous power that you can harness.

All testimonials are NOT created equal and there‘s a technique when it comes to ―trapping useful ones. The following seven secrets make it easier for you to get what you need from customers so you can create conversion-focused statements.

Secret #1 – Strike While The Iron Is Hot – Try to get a testimonial from your customer as soon as possible, within the first week if you can, or right after the customer uses your product or service.  Your customers will be at their ―giddiest and motivated to write you a great testimonial.

Secret #2 – Get What You Need – Always ask your customers to include your unique selling proposition (USP) in the testimonial. For instance, if your USP includes exceptional customer service, same day installation, and a money-back guarantee then ask your customer to attest to those qualities.

Secret #3 – Avoid Generalizations – Ask your customers to be specific in their testimonials. If you brought the spa out the same day tell them to include the time that it arrived. If you delivered some kind of outrageous act of customer service, have them write specifically about what you did and how it helped your customer.

Secret #4 – Ask for a Picture – Always try to get a picture with them using your spa or pool. As a matter of fact, try to take the picture yourself so that you know you‘ll get a good one. Take several and make sure they are smiling, playing, kissing, relaxing, etc. Pictures double the effectiveness of your testimonial. Pictures bring the testimonials to life.

Secret #5 – Please and Thank You – Make sure you get permission from your customers to use their testimonials in your advertising. Thank them profusely and let them know that it is testimonials like theirs that help your business grow.

Secret #6 – Hometown Advantage – Ask them if you cannot only use your name but the town (suburb) they live in. Addresses, even if it‘s just a city name, increase the believability of the testimonial. They are real people who live in the same community as their prospects.

Secret #7 – Don‘t Take ―No For An Answer – Although this may sound like a controversial tactic, it works. Let‘s say your customer procrastinates. Call them up and mention that you know they are very busy, but that their testimonial is important to you. Suggest that to save them time and hassle, you will draft a testimonial for them and they can make any changes they wish.

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