Never Run Out of Blog Content Again

I call this the News-Compiler Strategy. It’s an easy way to build trust and credibility with your niche audience-plus it will eliminate once and for all the problem of creating content for your blog posts.

Let’s face it-there’s a lot of news out there. Most of which we miss.

However, your niche market has very specific interests, and if you can make sure they’re up to date on news that pertains to them, you’ll position yourself as an expert and serious player in your particular field.

All this strategy requires is setting up Google Alerts for various key words that pertain to your niche market. Tip: make sure that you put your search terms in quotes “” so that you only get results that include the entire phrase. Otherwise you’ll tend to get a rather large amount of responses which become a pain to sort through.

These Google alerts serve a couple of purposes.

First, they keep you current on what’s going on in your field.

Secondly, you compile the information from the alerts and pass it along to your subscribers. You can do this daily or weekly.

Let’s look at an example.

Since one of my niches is marketing to the affluent, one of my favorites is Wealth-X. Here’s what they send out each day:



The email also includes the “editors pick” on the top articles from the last 24 hours. (Easily adaptable to the best posts from the last week or whatever frequency you send out the mailing.)

Now-here’s the trick that makes this work like gangbusters for attracting new clients.

When readers click on the link it takes them to a short summary of the article on Wealth-X’s website. At the bottom of the summary there’s a link that says, Read the original article here.

The important point is that people go to your website first. So for example, when you click on an interesting article that Wealth-X sends you, it takes you to a page that looks like this:


As you’ll notice-there are lots of other links and offers on this page. Wealth-X ultimately makes its money by selling contact lists of the affluent and other services for those seeking to do business with high-net worth clients. This daily summary of relevant information positions them as both a player in this field, and provides a service to their subscribers.

Remember our cardinal rule in marketing: Always make your marketing materials have value in and of themselves to your prospective clients. That’s the key for making sure your messages are opened and read.

The beauty of this strategy is that not only is it simple to implement, but since you are an aggregator of information, you’re never at a loss for what to communicate with your community.

A strategy that’s definitely worth considering.

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