The Simplified Next Step Marketing Guide Part 1

Marketing is a wild and woolly animal that can bring you off to financial freedom, real prosperity, and
ultimate success.

On the other hand, it can crush you. And, I’m sad to say, that’s what usually happens out there in the big and ruthless
world of business.

And, no matter how you do, there is no magic pill you can take to guarantee success.

But there are definitive procedures you can do to make success more likely… even probable. Along the path to success,  I’ve seen various marketing professionals lose their way. They get trap in the heat of fight and forget where they are going. Sometimes they even lose sight of where they are right now.

More often, these gutsy marketing warriors are just hacking away, living on the hope of
success, but not really leading into battle with a solid game plan of what steps they should be doing.

They just don’t know.

Which is why I will provide you this Next Step Guide together. No, it’s not going to provide you a magic pill, and it’s
certainly not meant to show you all you need to know about every step of marketing. It is just
what it says, a simplified guide that will give you the 30,000 foot view of marketing… the big picture.

So, now, when you’re in the heat of the battle and feeling a little dazed and confused, you’ll have a
simple guide to let you see what the next step is. And even if you don’t know everything about that
step, at least you’ll know what it is.

I hope this simple, easy-to-follow guide clears the fog and show the process for you so you can
win the battle and then win it bigger each time you enter the fray.

To Your Success,


The Simplified Next Step Marketing Guide

The Overview Chart

Here is simple diagram presenting the flow of my Simplified Next Step Marketing Guide.

Step One: Market Discovery

The first order of business is to discover a profitable niche, or like it is in most cases, you need to find
out if your idea, product or service even has a market.

You can’t catch fish where there aren’t any fish – no matter how good you are at fishing.

Here are two easy ways to find where the fish are swimming, and more importantly, biting.

Quick Keyword and Traffic Search

Using two different free keyword tools, you can easily obtain the health of a given market.

  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool:

    Turn on all available columns to see estimated ad position, cost per click, and monthly traffic averages.

    Keywords should have search volume of 7,500 or more to be a valid market. Tight groups of similar keywords can be added together.

  • Wordtracker: http://freekeywords.wordtracker.comHint: Traffic count doesn’t exactly match to daily search volume. The relationship between the numbers is what is important. Do the keyword groups quickly taper off? For example, if the count goes from 10,000 to 75 in one or two keywords, it’s not a healthy market.

Look Up Competition

Search keyword terms to see if anyone pays for advertising. Keyword should have at least one full
page of advertisers, two or three is better. Shows the market is making someone money. One or two
advertisers… especially zero… is a bad sign, not opportunity knocking.

In-Depth Keyword Research

  • The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords – Some of the most powerful keyword discovery tips and tricks Perry Marshal ever put to pen can be found in “The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords.” Click here to read the keywords section.
  • Keyword Groups – Once you get a list of keywords, organize them into relevant groups and combine search traffic counts. Here’s an example of how that can be done…

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