Wanted: One New Client To Partner With

Here’s a campaign that we’ve run a few times over the years for a variety of services providers. It begins with the following headline.

Wanted: One New Client To Partner With.

We’ve use this for ourselves, as well as for clients in financial services, advertising, supply chain management and strategy consulting.

On average it generates around 3 new clients. (Which isn’t bad for a campaign that uses as its headline, Wanted: One New Client To Partner With.)

So how does it work and why does it work? Less address the second one, first.

The reason this campaign is so effective is that every client wants to feel special. They want to know that they are very important to you. Thus, this headline sends the message that you’re not a mass provider of services. Rather, you have a specialized, bespoke service, that is only for the few.

Secondly, the word “Partner” is powerful. This isn’t a vendor relationship-it’s a partnership. You are seeking a client for whom you can be a truly value-added resource. In other words-a partner. Again, exclusivity and depth of the relationship are immediately understood. This is a particularly effective headline for b2b and particularly when you are seeking to attract senior level decision makers.

There is also a bit of mystery to this ad. Some have said even a touch of arrogance. In fact, the idea for this campaign originally came from the classic ad Sir Ernest Shackleton ran for his journey to Antartica.


Finally, this headline (and the copy that follows) micro-targets a very specific type of client. When they see themselves described in your copy, they can’t help but feel that you are a resource that is specifically for them.

Let’s turn our attention to implementation. We’ve run this campaign in a number of different ways.

The first time was as a full page advertisement in a trade publication that was known to be read by our target audience. The copy after the headline went into great detail about the type of client that was desired, and invited those who felt that a possible match might exist, to contact us.

Worked great.

We’ve also done this as a banner ad that runs on association websites, trade publication websites and even some high trafficked blogs. We found that adding a question to the end of the headline dramatically increased response. Thus the digital version of the ad said:

Wanted: One New Client To Partner With.

Is It You?

The banner ad takes prospective clients to a webpage which covers:

  • Who the ideal client is.
  • What the benefits are to this client.
  • An invitation to learn more

This is also the model we use when we design “free consultation” pages for our clients. You an see an example here.

As you are thinking about your plans for attracting new clients, I encourage you to move from “activities” to thinking about “campaigns”. This is a good one that you should consider using.

Food for thought


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