When to Close

The crucial question in any selling situation is, “When should you close the sale?” When you pay close attention, you’ll realize that a certain electricity is in the air when the buyer is ready to go ahead.

Here are some positive buying signs to watch for:

  • The buyer has been moving along at a smooth pace, and suddenly he slows the pace way down. He or she is making a final analysis or rationalizing the decision.
  • He speeds up the pace. He’s excited to move ahead.
  • The buyer suddenly starts asking lots of questions. Like anyone else, she asks questions only about things that interest her.
  • He asks questions about general terms of purchase before he settles on one particular model. Some people immediately start asking questions about initial investment, delivery, and so on. They feel safe doing this because they know you can’t sell them everything. But if they ask these questions after you know exactly what they want, it’s a good sign.

If you’ve noticed any of these positive signs, test the waters. If you think that your buyer is ready to close the sale, ask a confirmation question to make sure you’re reading his buying signs correctly: “Gary, can you see yourself out on the lake in this boat, enjoying the solitude of early morning fishing?”

When you ask this question (from which you expect an answer confirming that the buyer wants to go ahead with the purchase), one of two things will happen:

  1. The potential client will give you a yes or an answer that indirectly confirms his desire to go ahead with the sale.
  2. The buyer will give you an objection or ask for more information to enable him to make a decision.

Don’t start talking before he answers. You want to be sure to get either a confirmation to go ahead or an objection.

If you get the former, you can go ahead with the close.

If you get the latter, you need to answer the buyer’s questions and address his concerns before attempting to close.

Wishing you greatness in selling!

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