Client Testimonials
“Raving fan here. Working with Brad has changed my life. Moreover, his coaching towards a self-managing company, with a 10x-times result mindset is the future for my company. You don’t want to continue doing it along. Feel free to call me: Office #770-558-4496”
Brian Johnston, Atlanta Hot Tub Center
Brad is quite knowledgeable with direct marketing,
copy- writing, headlines and marketing in general. I usually
receive more ideas than I can put to use every time I meet
with him. I’m earning more money by implementing just a
few these strategies, thousands more!I look forward to our
next meeting. Thanks Brad
Joe Mazzeo, Mazzeo Group, Inc.
If you want to make money with response direct marketing, anything Brad Lloyd says will guide you. The money I’ve
made just from his monthly GKIC Atlanta Chapter meetings
is pushing me from the low to the high six-figures. There’s a reason people follow Brad’s advice: it’s the best around! If I
had to start all over again today, I’d need only three things:

1. Brad’s direct marketing knowledge
2. A laptop
3. A smartphone.

Joining Brad’s Mastermind is going to be the real GAMECHANGER for my business.

Davis Nelson, Law Offices of Davis W. Nelson PC
“Brad is a very insightful and knowledgeable person. He’s presented a number of solid practical solutions to solving my everyday business challenges. He goes that extra mile to
help you gain precisely what you need to cause the results you want. I look forward to working again with Brad.”
Michelle Murray, Get Customers Overnight
“I want to thank you again for the tremendous help you have given to my firm with our marketing.

Lawyer marketing is always a challenge because our profession is always concerned about image. Your suggestion and help with implementation of direct response marketing has done wonders.”

Frank Klosik Jr., Greer Klosik & Daugherty Law Firm
“Where to start?  Knowledgeable, professional, resourceful, focused, talented, dependable and trustworthy.  This is just to name a few off.  It’s been a true pleasure working with Brad here at Furnitureland South.  Especially excited with his new ideas to grow our business together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 336-841-4128 #2163”

Shelby Sari, Furnitureland South
“I would be most happy to give you a reference. You are certainly one of the most dependable, organized sales reps that I have experienced in my 55 years in this business. You also have a thorough knowledge of the product you are selling, and you go to extra lengths to impart this knowledge to the retail salesperson on our floor.

I would not hesitate to give you the highest marks for your performance and ability


Joe Sokol & Morris Sokoli, Sokol Furniture Co
“I am writing this to express my high regard for Brad Lloyd as a person and representative who I have known approximately 18 years. Brad has been the rep for many lines thru the years that we have sold thru our four casual furniture stores which operate under the name of “The Fire House Casual Living Store” in North and South Carolina. I have always considered Brad as one of the best most professional reps with which we have done business. Brad goes out of his way to not only completely know his lines but takes his time to go that next all important step in relating to sales staff as the best way to present and sale product lines. I believe Brad would prove to be a valuable asset to any company looking for the best representation available.”
Debs Pedigo, The Fire House Casual Living Store
“I would highly recommend Brad Lloyd as a sales rep for any outdoor or indoor sales position.

Brad has called on me at Stuckey Bros Furniture stores since 1991 and he is one of the most professional reps I have know for my forty five years in the furniture business..

He is very conscientious, resourceful and very supportive in sales training to retail sales people.

Brad is respected by retailers and retail sales people will grow your business if you have him represent your line.

Please call or email me if there are any questions.”

Lee Stuckey, 843-884-2650
“Brad Lloyd has been a manufacturer’s representative serving Georgia Backyard along with being a friend for over 15 years. A quality in a rep that I look for is one that can train and know their product well, interact with our staff and be connected or get answers that are ASAP. Brad brings all these traits to the table and I would certainly give him a strong recommendation.”
Brian McMillan, Georgia Backyard & American Backyard
“Brad has been the most motivated sales rep I know for over 20 years. I am sure Brad can be a great asset to any company needing to expand their market. Very intrigued by his new venture; “Doubling my Sales…in 2010”.  That’s the type stuff Brad is known for, since he’s never been one of those order taking reps.”
Alfredo Alvarez, Ambiente Moderno- Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
“This is to recommend Brad Lloyd as a sales rep. I have known Brad for over ten years as and can honestly say he is one of the best manufactures reps that I have ever had. He not only knows the lines well, but knows how to sell the product in such a way as to instill confidence in the buyers.

Brad is also an excellent trainer and he spent many hours training my sales force not only on the products that he sold but with excellent sales techniques.”

Bob Plummer, Pres. Fleet Plummer, 336-402-0615
“Brad Lloyd is a positive, success-focused rep whose energy and forward thinking take him far beyond the conventional definition of a manufacturer’s rep. Brad’s enthusiasm is infectious and his desire for success for his dealer, the company he reps and himself drive his goal of being and staying at the top of his game.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brad for more years than I can remember. Our conversations are insightful and creative musings on how to take our businesses to the next level. Brad’s diligent search for new trends, better techniques, more efficient processes and better understanding of how consumers buy and respond to the selling process go far beyond selling his product. It would be difficult to find another sales rep as committed to his industry, his line and his customer as Brad Lloyd”

Dottie & John, Casual Living- Columbia, SC
“It was many years ago when Brad walked into my store, who what I though was an over-confident sales rep. Throughout all the years Brad has continued to exceed all expectations here at the Hearth & Patio- Charlotte. A real joy to work with…

…The industry needs more reps like Brad. Especially in such trying times as we all are in now. He continues to be the only rep that goes beyond the products in his bag to grow my business. It’s really amazing to watch him on my floor on a Saturday. Wish I had more like him.”

Don Marze, Hearth &Patio- Charlotte, NC
“After Just 10 days working with Brad our entire marketing strategy has been overhauled, energized, and fine-tuned. His ideas and suggestions have revolutionized the way we are thinking about marketing our business and I am confident our business will grow tremendously as a direct result of his input. Brad’s services may be the best money we have ever spent, ever.”
Reid Plummer, Fleet Plummer Greensboro, NC