In his new book “How to Market to High-Net-Worth Households” (The Business Institute), my friend Paul Karasik gives a Beat networking technique — the “You know how/what I do” statement.

The first part begins with, “You know how.’ The second part begins with, “What I do is.”

Example (for a financial planner): “YOU KNOW HOW lots of divorced women are overwhelmed with the responsibility of dealing with their finances. WHAT I DO IS provide safe investment opportunities so they can stop worrying and get their lives back on track.”

Example (for business development guru): YOU KNOW HOW lots of businesses who are “Too Busy Making A Living, Too Make Any Real Money”. WHAT I DO IS provide the systems for working ON THEIR BUSINESS. End goal, to dramatically reduce the massive amount of money being left on the table.  When was the last time you inspected, scrutinized, and studied your Direct Response Marketing, Ethical Persuasion Skills, and Measured Your One to Many Content Strategies?

Why this works: (a) It focuses on the prospect, not your company, product, or service, (b) it leads with a point of self-interest to the prospect, (c) it establishes both empathy and authority (it, showing that you understand the listener’s situation better than others in your profession), and (d) it stresses benefits, not features.

Action step: Compose a “You know how/what I do” statement for your business and test it out the next time someone asks you, “What do you do°

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